TTG Conversations: Five Questions with Noor Ahmad Hamid, PATA

Travel and tourism business across the Asia-Pacific region is improving following the pandemic disruption, with the region recording 497.5 million international arrivals in 2023 – 73 per cent of 2019’s performance, shares Noor Ahmad Hamid, CEO at PATA, who anticipates an even higher number once all NTO data is published.

However, the pace of recovery differs across the diverse Asia-Pacific region, with growth rates varying across countries and even cities within the same country.

While it is normal for destinations to record different levels of traveller interest and footfalls, Noor said the uneven pace of recovery for the region leads to overcrowding in popular locations as well as challenges in attaining sustainable growth, human resource distribution, and maintenance of service standards.

Noor discusses these issues, solutions deployed so far to better manage tourist flows, and more in the first episode of TTG Conversations: Five Questions video series for 2024.

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