The Lux Collective pushes on with Asia expansion

Having expanded its offerings to China in 2014, the Mauritius-born luxury hotel management brand, The Lux Collective, is furthering its ambitious Asia growth with more properties to come this year.

Once China reopens her borders, the brand plans to launch the Lux Tea Horse Road journey. With sponsorship by Audi, visitors can embark on a four- to 10-night experience that takes in all of the hotels, which sit between six and 30 keys.

The Lux Collective furthers its ambitious Asia growth with more properties

Julian Hagger, executive vice president, told TTG Asia at the Arabian Travel Market: “This is a totally unique product that explores some of the most beautiful and secluded parts of Yunnan and makes us one of the largest operators in the province.”

In addition, the collective is developing a Lux property in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Slated to open at the end of 2023 in the north of the island, the 120-key exclusive project will be built entirely over water – the first-of-its-kind overwater luxury resort in Phu Quoc.

Hagger said: “This will bring Lux to South-east Asia and really cement us regionally. We’d love to expand further.”

He noted that having saturated the Indian Ocean, Asia is a “natural progression”; and with borders across the region starting to open, further development is on the horizon.

“It hasn’t been easy in the last two years as Asia has been under door lock. However, we’ve got our eyes wide open on the whole of South-east Asia and want more presence there. The Lux brand is very powerful and we feel it’s perfect for Asia.”

Prior to the pandemic, the collective had launched the award-winning brand, SALT Resorts, in Mauritius, to which Hagger shared: “This screams for expansion in Asia. I can see it in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia; destinations with very strong unique local cultural experiences.”

He added that the collective is currently seeking partners and investors for expansion.

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