The Lux Collective, Eco-Sud to establish conservation plan for marine biodiversity

The Lux Collective has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the NGO Eco-Sud to establish a conservation plan for marine biodiversity in commemoration of World Environment Day and World Oceans Day this June.

As the first luxury hospitality group in Mauritius to do so, the partnership aims to raise awareness about the importance of oceans and promote sustainable and environmental-friendly practices to protect marine ecosystems.

From left: The Lux Collective’s Ashish Modak and Eco-Sud’s Sébastien Sauvage

Aligning with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources, turtle-friendly habitats will be developed on the beaches of the group’s six hotels in Mauritius, namely Lux Grand Baie, Lux Belle Mare, Lux Le Morne, Lux Grand Gaube, Tamassa Bel Ombre and SALT of Palmar.

A series of initiatives and activities adapted to each hotel will be implemented under this agreement, including awareness campaigns, student workshops, promotion of ecotourism, and fundraising for blue carbon projects encompassing mangrove reforestation, coral nurseries establishment, oyster cultivation, seagrass meadow preservation and other impactful endeavours.

Marine biology experts are invited to study the lagoons and provide recommendations for blue carbon projects’ implementation – aimed at restoring biodiversity. Exhibitions will be organised to showcase the blue carbon projects.

In addition, fishing communities in the regions where the group’s hotels operate will have access to training in ethical fishing provided by Eco-Sud, and will be integrated into the resorts’ sustainable supply chains. Interactive workshops will be organised to educate children and involve them in marine conservation activities, creating a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the environment.

Individuals will also have the opportunity to contribute to data collection during their dives around the island by sharing images and geolocations with Eco-Sud.

“Our oceans face many threats, and their good health ensures the proper balance of life on Earth, even human survival. That is why we must mobilise. Let’s work on solutions to combat the degradation of the oceans,” shared Evita Fakun, chief sustainability officer of The Lux Collective.

Eco-Sud’s CEO Sébastien Sauvage emphasised: “Today, the collaboration established between The Lux Collective and Eco-Sud clearly demonstrates that it is worthy standing up for our natural heritage. The urgency to change our relationship with nature is very real. Species extinction, the environmental and climate crisis present us with a challenge that we must face together, without compromising our values.”

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