Alma Resort goes contactless with mobile app

Vietnam’s Alma Resort has crafted a mobile app that offers contactless services and communications to provide guests with a peace of mind during the pandemic.

The app, available for downloads on Android, Apple, Windows and Amazon stores, contains menus, promotions and vouchers as well as live stream broadcasts and information about events and Covid-19 health and safety tips.

Alma Resort’s app facilitates guest communications now, and will soon function as a payment gateway

General manager Herbert Laubichler-Pichler regards the app as a “game-changer for Vietnam’s hospitality landscape”.

“There is no facet of our lives that remains untouched by this pandemic and under the ‘new normal’, this app is an effective and contactless way to connect with guests and staff,” said Laubichler-Pichler.

He believes that it will soon be incumbent for five-star resorts across Vietnam to offer the same technology.

The app will be enhanced through a second-phase development, expected to be completed in the next few months. With this development, users will be able to access weather information in real-time due to the installation of a live weather cam on the resort’s stretch of Long Beach.

Phase two will also usher in a payment gateway, allowing guests to settle bills in a cashless manner.

Alma’s commercial director Martin Koerner, said the app would continue to evolve. “Our aim is for our app to be a comprehensive one-stop shop for information and a weapon in our arsenal to combat Covid-19 and keep guests, staff and the community safe,” he said.

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