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Narita Airport tests biometric boarding process

Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA) is trialling a new facial recognition technology which will allow passengers to complete check-in and boarding procedures using biometrics. The...

Clark Airport’s new terminal to open in July with contactless solutions

Clark International Airport (CRK)’s new terminal, which is set to be operational by this July, will deploy contactless solutions to assuage pandemic safety concerns. Luzon...

Sydney Airport signs five-year technology deal with SITA

Sydney Airport has inked a five-year contract with SITA for the provision of common-use services which will enable the implementation of a low-touch passenger...

Balancing technology adoption with service and human connection

While the adoption of contactless service has been typically slow in the hospitality industry, the pandemic and resulting consumer desire for services that are delivered in a safe and hygienic manner have resulted in swift changes.

Alma Resort goes contactless with mobile app

Vietnam’s Alma Resort has crafted a mobile app that offers contactless services and communications to provide guests with a peace of mind during the...

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