Travelport reveals new brand identity

Travelport has launched a new visual identity as part of its first end-to-end rebrand.

The company’s familiar blue logo has made way for a sharp black version, which is also available in a pastel shade known as Travelport Sand. A secondary palette of Travelport Olive and Travelport White, and an accent color of Travelport Coral is established too.

(From top) CEO Greg Webb leads the rebranding with CMO Jen Catto; the new Travelport visual in black

CEO Greg Webb, who oversees the rebranding efforts with CMO, Jen Catto, said: “We are now fully focused on what we do best – connecting buyers and sellers that share our passion for delivering exceptional travel experiences. We are also embracing our strengths – our agility, our independence and our ability to make the bold long-term decisions needed to simplify travel’s complex ecosystem.

“Our new brand reflects all this – who we’ve become, through our investments in the right people, products and technology and our vision for the future, as we get ready for a year of significant advances for Travelport. We’re proud to show it to the world today and are looking forward to following it up very soon with the launch our next-generation platform, which will change the game in travel retailing.”

Catto, who joined the company in September 2020, said: “While we’ve kept the essence of what makes Travelport great, we’ve refined our vision, what we stand for, how we act, how we look and how we market our business. Most importantly, this is a new promise we’re making to our customers; we’ll work harder for you than anyone else to build a better, simpler and smarter future for travel retailing.”

Travelport’s new visual identity can now be seen on its website and social media channels, which now include Instagram. The full rebrand of all assets, including products and office spaces, will be completed in the coming months.

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