A smarter redesign

One Farrer Hotel’s new look and feel will boast optimal hygiene and wellness standards, discovers Karen Yue.

One Farrer Hotel in Singapore is undergoing extensive refurbishments, which will see a redesign of the majority of its guestrooms, facilities and processes. And the experts shaping the hotel’s future look and feel are not just the usual designers – medical experts and technology specialists are also contributing their expertise to ensure the highest possible standards of hygiene and wellness for guests.

The works, costing more than S$2 million (US$1.5 million), will marry aesthetics that evoke positive and calming emotions with science to facilitate infection control best practices.

One Farrer Hotel

Carpets will make way for custom gapless vinyl flooring, while specialised wallpapers, moveable furniture and anti-viral fabrics will be used across guestrooms and common areas – all to make cleaning and disinfection a cinch.

At the same time, the hotel is reinventing its processes and including new measures to safeguard guests and employees. These include the launch of a Pillow Lab to improve the hygiene standards of its pillows through scientific research into material choices and cleaning processes. A menu of pillows has been curated to offer the best and most restful sleep experience for guests.

Other measures include contactless entry points, sterilisation processes using specialised UVC chests and lamps, as well as staggered check-in and check-out times.

Works will complete this December, paving the way for the launch of The Mint Hotel, a safe and hygienic concept making its debut under One Farrer Hotel’s ‘Hotels within a Hotel’ concept.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led the hotel team to recognise an opportunity for hotels to function as ancillary facilities for the care of non-emergent patients when critical healthcare facilities and hospitals are overrun.

The design principles of The Mint Hotel, such as movable furniture and materials that are suitable for terminal cleansing, make the property ideal for conversion to a ‘hospitel’ quickly should the need arise.

In redefining its dining concept for the age of safe distancing, the hotel is also launching the Nest at One Farrer to satiate the growing demand for private dining experiences.

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