Travel giant duo align to revive SE Asia’s travel scene

Following its tie-up with China’s Group, has partnered with Agoda to offer travellers access to a wider multi-product selection, providing greater choice and convenience.

Designed to spur travel activity in South-east Asia, the collaboration includes travel bundles, membership privileges as well as joint product marketing. Under the partnership, will add over 600,000 Agoda properties to its inventory. partners with Agoda to beat the travel slump in South-east Asia users can now enjoy a more seamless ‘browse-to-buy’ experience on the website, and book their flights and hotels through Snap, the airline’s new flight and hotel combo booking platform.

Agoda CEO John Brown said: “The public’s appetite for travel is still strong, and we believe that our collaboration with AirAsia will help take the hassle out of travel by helping travellers to easily find great value deals as they venture out again. Equally important is the wider impact of this initiative between two of South-east Asia’s well-known and highly regarded travel brands, on the confidence of accommodation partners, hospitality providers and related aviation industry players.

“It’s imperative we work innovatively with our partners to find solutions and do our part to stimulate demand and help the wider travel and tourism industry.”

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