Vietnam goes big on green tours

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) have joined hands with Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) and Swiss Sustainable Tourism Programme (SSTP) to launch a new section on the national tourism website collating the country’s best sustainable tourism options.

Users visiting the Green Travel section of the website will find articles dedicated to best practices for responsible travellers, guides on following Vietnamese customs and local etiquette, and pieces highlighting the country’s lesser-known destinations.

Travellers can find sustainable holiday options across Vietnam such as eco-tours by paddleboat in UNESCO-listed Trang An in Ninh Binh (above) on VNAT’s newly-launched microsite

To ease travellers’ search for sustainable tourism providers in Vietnam, the webpage features a catalog of reputable businesses across the country. Visitors can look up ethical, eco-friendly tours; find sustainable accommodations; and discover souvenirs that preserve Vietnamese culture and support local communities.

The section also offers hand-drawn infographics on sustainable travel in Vietnam, and in-depth stories for those interested in Vietnam’s ethnic minorities and traditional craft villages. A collection of leading tour operators offering sustainable experiences is also included.

In order to ensure the listed companies are standout examples of practicing socially and environmentally sustainable tourism, TAB sought the expertise of SSTP consultants to research the contents of the Green Travel section in accordance with the sustainability criteria established by SSTP for the tourism industry in Vietnam.

Tourism officials said the Green Travel section represents progress, and is a first step in Vietnam’s endeavours to support sustainable travel businesses and assist responsible travellers coming to Vietnam.

Over the coming months, the national tourism website will debut videos showcasing the country’s best sustainable tourism assets and outstanding experiences, and will host giveaways for sustainable Vietnamese products and holidays on its official social media channels.

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