PATA’s revamped Crisis Resource Center goes live

PATA, with the support of the Asian Development Bank, has launched the expanded PATA Crisis Resource Center (CRC) to aid in the recovery of Asia-Pacific’s travel and tourism industry.

PATA chief of staff Trevor Weltman said: “The tools, expertise and resources kits now available on the CRC will assist all tourism actors in the Asia-Pacific region to better understand where they currently are in their recovery journey from Covid-19, and ultimately help them prepare the important next steps they will need to advance their recovery efforts.”
The CRC is a digital resource that was launched by PATA earlier this year in response to its members’ urgent need for crisis leadership and trusted information during the initial stages of the Covid-19 outbreak.

PATA said in a statement that the long-term vision of the CRC “is to lead, coordinate and sustain a comprehensive world-class digital resource for crisis response, management, and recovery for the Asia-Pacific travel industry”.

The CRC provides action-oriented interactive multimedia content that is focused on crisis preparedness, management, and recovery for destinations and other tourism enterprises across the Asia-Pacific. While the site was designed for DMCs in mind, the content is directly applicable to businesses of all types and sizes across the tourism supply chain.

Among the resource’s features is the PATA Recovery Planner, a guidance tool that allows tourism organisations to create a personalised Covid-19 recovery plan. Using information fed by users about their destination’s current Covid-19 situation, the tool will create a destination specific recovery plan and highlight the available resources that can assist the organisation and its stakeholders at this time.

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