PATA doubles down on Covid-19 recovery support for members

Businessman holding the word Recovery split over two puzzle pieces in his hands conceptual of overcoming challenges and finding solutions leading to a recovery in the business.

PATA is joining forces with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to expand its Crisis Resource Center (CRC) to further aid the recovery of the Asia-Pacific travel and tourism industry.

PATA chief of staff, Trevor Weltman, said: “Timely, accurate, and useful information is the need of the moment for our members as they manage their recovery from Covid-19. The generous support we received from ADB has allowed us to invest in bringing these essential tools to our region at this critical time.

PATA joins forces with Asian Development Bank to expand its Crisis Resource Center

“As 65 per cent of PATA members polled had no crisis plans pre-Covid, the CRC will be a permanent offer from PATA going forward to continue meeting their evolving needs for crisis preparedness, management and recovery from this crisis, and beyond.”

The PATA Crisis Resource Center and Tourism Recover Monitor was launched in April 2020, to provide updated information and tourism indicators from around the world. The new CRC will officially be launched on July 14, 2020.

CRC’s aim is “to lead, coordinate and sustain a comprehensive world-class digital resource for crisis response, management, and recovery for the Asia-Pacific travel industry,” PATA said in a statement.

PATA believed that Asia-Pacific will lead global tourism’s recovery from Covid-19, as both an inbound destination as well as a source market.

As part of the expansion, PATA has formed a CRC advisory team to help provide further content and development of online toolkits and resources for industry stakeholders to navigate their way through the crisis.

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