PATA, TCI Research seal data partnership

PATA has inked a new partnership with TCI Research, a leading travel data intelligence agency.

Under the agreement, TCI Research will be the sole content contributor to the industry-related, data-focused article for both editions of Issues & Trends 2020. They will also have the opportunity to share market trends, data and analysis with PATA members.

PATA strikes data partnership deal with TCI Research to build resilience in the tourism industry

TCI Research fuels destinations’ success through data, setting global proprietary standard analytic solutions for all-size DMOs and travel verticals, with a focus on visitor experience, destination reputation and resident sentiment, combining hybrid analytics sourced from surveys and social/big data.

“The Covid-19 pandemic presents a severe threat to the world economy and, in particular, the global travel and tourism industry. As the industry faces one of the greatest threats it has ever seen, PATA has continually highlighted the essential need for industry stakeholders to have trusted and reliable analysis and insights on the most-up-to date data and information in order to enact a measured and balanced recovery strategy,” said Mario Hardy, CEO, PATA.

“Our partnership with TCI Research allows our members to leverage their data and insights to build a more resilient, responsible, sustainable and stronger travel and tourism industry, and I look forward to working with them towards this goal.”

The first edition of Issues & Trends by TCI Research, providing 19 recommendations to battle the Covid-19 impact on destination reputation, will be available on the PATA Store on May 19, 2020.

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