Making travel tech affordable

Simplifying the process of reservation and redemption for attractions and travel agents, GlobalTix’s CEO Chan Chee Chong shares with Pamela Chow how his firm is creating a smoother path towards adopting millennial-focused travel solutions.

The dynamic travel tech boom has proven a double-edged sword for industry players. While travel tech solutions promise higher outreach and efficient resource allocation, many of them are costly.

As such, travel agents who cannot afford them find themselves falling behind in terms of market penetration. Larger attraction operators, on the other hand, often struggle to strike a balance between traditional sales and new, dynamic distribution channels.

Filling this need for affordable and value-added solutions is GlobalTix, a Singapore-based company that leverages cloud technology, big data and analytics to disrupt traditional manual ticketing.

Globaltix CEO, Chan Chee Chong, explained: “Millennials are driving changes in the way travel is bought. They want things instantly and seek out unique experiences during their travel. In today’s connected world, operators need to be discoverable and bookable.”

Many Asian niche operators “are missing out on this digital and mobile revolution” because adopting the relevant technology is out of their budget, noted Chan.

To meet this need and match the budget of industry players, GlobalTix offers its solutions based on a subscription model starting from US$39 a month.

The affordable price means clients do not need to put money into customised solutions and expensive hardware, shared Chan.

Through unique customised B2B portals on GlobalTix, attraction operators can set agent-specific prices, capacity limits and special promotion prices.

Further down in the chain, agencies can access exclusive rates and reserve tickets, which are then digitally delivered to their customers.

Chan – a tourism pundit with 15 years of experience in the industry – co-founded GlobalTix with his brother, Chan Chee Kong, in 2013.

The company has grown its reach to more than 2,000 agents and 80,000 tours and activities in 120 cities.

Partnerships have been established with TripAdvisor, Expedia and, as well as local DMCs such as Nam Ho and Asia Consolidated.

On top of solving ticketing woes, GlobalTix also offers other on-site solutions. For instance, it uses facial recognition so customers at attractions can buy candid photographs in which they have been tagged.

When asked about Globaltix’s strategy moving forward, Chan said: “We intend to strengthen our local presence to provide better customer service for partners here and become a partner of choice for agencies.”

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