Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion pushes out wellness retreats

Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion, a natural hot springs resort in Central Vietnam, has rolled out a host of well-being programmes, including a Reiki Training and Sound Journey, a Hot Springs Detox Retreat, and a year-round Wellness Detox programme.

Siam Reiki founder Lei Wei De, and Daphnee Lam, a sound healer and Siam Reiki practitioner, will be co-hosting a Reiki Training and Sound Journey retreat from March 3-5. Participants will learn how to self practice the healing art of Reiki on themselves and loved ones; and delve into Siam Reiki, a variation of traditional Reiki that tackles energy blockages in a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion launches three new well-being programmes

Prices start from US$444 for two nights accommodation (based on twin sharing) and the Reiki certification. Sound healing and private Reiki sessions are an additional fee.

The Hot Springs Detox Retreat combines juice cleansing with alternating resting and movement. Guests will be guided by wellness experts, and get to relax in the property’s Japanese-style onsen, practice yoga and meditation, have daily detox massages, and more.

All-inclusive prices start from US$1,050 per person for a four-night stay in a one-bedroom bungalow. Courses run on an almost monthly basis with retreat dates set for the month of May through December.

Wellness Detox Packages are available in three-, five-, or seven-day arrangements. Highlights include a detox juicing class and a vegetarian cooking class, both using organic produce. Daily spa therapy is a key part of the process as well as the recommended D-TOX Reflexology treatment, which uses pressure points throughout the body to speed up the detox process. Retreat participants will take part in intermittent fasting, dropping down to just two meals a day.

These new programmes are in addition to the resort’s extensive range of wellness activities, from yoga to hiking.

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