Shibuya’s tallest tower rises in Tokyo

The view from SHIBUYA SKY

Tokyo’s newest attraction has risen in the form of the Shibuya Scramble Square, a 47-storey, large-scale multipurpose complex that at 230m, is the tallest building in Shibuya.

Sitting directly above Shibuya station, the new landmark, which opened on November 1, 2019, comprises an observation deck, offices, an industrial exchange facility, and commercial facilities.

The view from Shibuya Sky

The building is home to 213 shops and restaurants, including seven newcomers to Japan and 49 newcomers to Shibuya.

The 2,500m2 Shibuya Sky, one of Japan’s biggest rooftop observatories, offers panoramic views of Tokyo’s landmarks.

Also situated within this facility is the Shibuya QWS, an interactive business community space where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to invent new seeds of societal value. The venue also welcomes non-members, with the launch of Open QWS, an event that aims to encourage more people to utilise this facility.

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