Asian Trails marks 20 years of operations

Asian Trails' complete management team, comprising (from left) Thomas Carnevale, Marcel Grifoll, Xiaolin Zhang, Emir Cherif, Virginie Kury, Luzi Matzig, Laurent Kuenzle, Laetitia Law-Lai, Thuy Tien, Stefan Bruns and Bjorn Schimanski, at the DMC's 20th anniversary big bash

Asian Trails recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a company party at a leading resort in Hua Hin, marking the auspicious date of 9.9.99 (September 9, 1999) when the Bangkok-based DMC was born.

Luzi Matzig, today’s chairman, together with CEO Laurent Kuenzle co-founded Asian Trails, which today has expanded into 10 destinations and eight regional offices across Asia.

In a blog entry on the company website entitled “20 years of ‘blazing new paths in travel'”, Kuenzle stressed that “people” remains central to what Asian Trails does. Of the almost 700 staff the company now has, some 10 per cent have been with the company since the very beginning and more than 50 per cent for over five years, he revealed.

“I still see myself as bridging people, as my love and understanding of Asia help me in putting the right people together to achieve amazing results. It is not just about monetary returns – this must be a given or we wouldn’t be here today – but it’s also about the trust, respect and understanding that my team and I have cultivated in our organisation and in all who interact with Asian Trails,” he wrote.

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