WebBeds and Sichuan enter MoU to boost China’s inbound tourism

B2B accommodation provider WebBeds has sealed an MoU with Sichuan Tourism Investment JinJiang Hotel (STIJH) to promote the south-western Chinese province across its global network of B2B travel partners.

A state-owned enterprise, STIJH runs many of the province’s most popular hotels, including the flagship Sichuan JinJiang Hotel in downtown Chengdu that has hosted many Chinese leaders and celebrities over the years.

WedBeds’ Daryl Lee inks deal with Sichuan Tourism Investment Jinjiang Hotel’s Jin Li to boost number of tourists to China

Under the MoU, WebBeds will distribute STIJH’s entire collection of hotels to its B2B clients worldwide. This will put the hotel group in direct contact with many regional travel agencies, enhancing its ability to engage with international guests – a key strategic objective for both the company and Sichuan province.

“WebBeds currently sees a disparity between inbound and outbound tourist numbers in China, and Sichuan province is no exception. This important new partnership will not only provide our travel trade clients with an exceptional collection of hotels in Sichuan (but) will also help the region attract more guests from new, as-yet-untapped markets,” said Daryl Lee, CEO Asia-Paciic, WebBeds.

He added: “Looking forward, we want to invest in marketing China as an attractive destination to travellers around the world. We firmly believe that by raising awareness of the many leisure offerings Sichuan has to offer, we can help to address the inbound-outbound imbalance. WebBeds wants to work with our stakeholders across China to play a pivotal role in the growth of China’s inbound tourism sector, in Sichuan and beyond. We encourage hotels in China to join us on this exciting journey.”

“This MoU is a genuine win-win for all parties. At present, Sichuan mostly receives domestic and corporate travellers, so this agreement represents a step forward in our efforts to welcome more international leisure guests,” said Yan Xue Wei, chairman, STIJH.

Following this initial MoU with STIJH, WebBeds is now in discussions with Sichuan Tourism Board to promote the destination, initially to its B2B clients across Asia Pacific.

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