Dream Cruises takes the experiential highway to luxury cruisers’ heart

Genting Dream

A year-end DC Superheroes Justice League themed sailings onboard the Genting Dream is Dream Cruises’ latest offering to satisfy cruisers’ growing thirst for unique experiences.

The themed series offers 16 regional sailings from November 20, coinciding with Asia’s school holidays and peak family vacation season.

Genting Dream

During this period, Genting Dream will feature themed balcony staterooms with superheroes interior design and furnishings, high tea in a superheroes cafe where related merchandise are used and can be brought home as souvenirs, and specific zones for young cruisers to enjoy themed games and character interaction.

Michael Goh, the new president of Dream Cruises, said the Justice League-themed series is just one of many experiential cruises – wellness, gourmet and concert sailings – the company had done in the past three years of operations.

Emphasising the importance of providing cruises “with a storyline”, Goh explained that the definition of luxury travel today is different for everyone but what remains constant is the desire for experiences.

“For some, luxury is dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant. For others, it is eating a hot bowl of wanton noodles. In short, luxury is experiential. So, it is Dream Cruises’ job and brand promise to provide the cruiser with his desired experience,” he said.

And with Dream Cruises’ customer demographics ranging widely, Goh says his team has to create a variety of experiences to satisfy all onboard.

“If you look back on the cruise product 20 years ago, most of the cruisers were retirees. Today, cruises get couples, young millennials, multigenerational families, and even special interest groups coming for corporate events and religious retreats. This demographic mix has completely changed our business. We must have a product that can satisfy a diverse segment today, unlike in the past when we only had to serve a senior market,” he said.

To deliver on varied experiences, Goh thinks Dream Cruises has the perfect products.

“Our ships are getting bigger, allowing us to to offer many, very different experiences while ensuring that everyone has their own space. If a Dream passenger wants complete silence, sipping coffee and reading his book, he has the beautiful Palm Court with a wonderful ocean vista to retreat into. If a Dream passenger wants his children to have a good time, he has the Justice League activities to indulge them in,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, Goh expects demand for luxury cruising to hold up in the face of a possible economic downturn next year, largely due to Asia’s large population of existing and emerging high net-worth individuals.

“I believe that no matter what happens, there will still be a market. We must have the discipline to understand our business and keep focus on where to find the customers we want. You may do 10 things to get a result during good times, so do 20 during challenging times. One must be committed to get results,” he concluded.

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