Sabre rolls out airline platform updates, teases intelligent retail solution for hotels

Sabre has added new features to its first-to-market Sabre Commercial Platform for airlines.

The year-old platform will now feature a Schedule Exchange solution and a refreshed Irregular Operations (IROPS) Reaccommodation solution, Cem Tanyel, president of Sabre Airline Solutions, announced at the Sabre Technology Exchange in Las Vegas this week.

Schedule Exchange helps airlines minimise costly passenger disruptions using a more sophisticated method to schedule publication and distribution of flight information, and lays out the foundation for end-to-end dynamic scheduling.

The refreshed IROPS Reaccommodation product features a redesigned and intelligent interface as well as enhanced algorithm that determines the best solution for flight disruptions based on airlines’ business rules and traveller details, and then automatically rebooks passengers.

The new product runs twice as fast and offers better resolution for large disruptions.

This intelligent platform “enables airlines to better meet their customers’ shifting expectations, while (increasing) revenue”, said Tanyel. He added that there will be “more (solutions) on the way this year” for the Sabre Commercial Platform.

Sabre will soon also catapult the hospitality industry towards intelligent advanced retailing with SynXis Intelligent Retailing, which is slated for an early-2020 launch.

Jeff Henley, manager, solutions consulting, Americas at Sabre Hospitality Solutions, introduced the upcoming solution in a teaser presentation at the Exchange, and described it as a model for “retailing beyond the room, or even without the room”.

SynXis Intelligent Retailing will enable hoteliers to sell not just room ancillaries, but also present a guest with related and highly targeted products – from tours to clothing – in real time during the booking process.

These recommended products are determined through machine learning based on a customer’s own preferences and the consumption patterns of similar users.

The result is a shopping and booking process that is dynamic, personalised and transparent about product expectations, said Henley.

Sabre is currently working with Langham Hotels in Hong Kong to pilot this solution this year, after which it will run on a test-and-learn phase for the next two quarters. The ready-to-market launch is slated for 2020.

Sundar Narasimhan, senior vice president, Sabre Labs and Product Strategy Vision, asserted that Sabre is casting a heavy focus on intelligent advanced retailing, and that SynXis Intelligent Retailing is one of its first concrete steps towards the goal of making it an industry-wide mainstay by 2025.

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