Google unveils slew of travel planning features under Trips

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Google will soon automatically save hotels and activities viewed by users to its trip planner, among the many new features that it says will simplify travel research and planning.

The site Trips is where Google stores users’ research and reservation. Last year, Google started automatically adding reservations for hotels and flights to a trip timeline for upcoming trips. This applies to reservations made when users are signed into their Google account, and after a confirmation email.

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Users can now make edits directly to their Trips timeline, and in a few weeks will be able to manually add new reservations as well.

In addition, recent searches, saved places and flights that users are tracking are added automatically to Trips whenever they are signed into their Google account.

Soon, Google will add viewed things to do and viewed hotels to Trips. When users want to continue planning, all their research will be waiting for at

Users can opt out of having their travel research history automatically stored to Trips by adjusting their results and web & app activity settings.

Google is also allowing users to more easily navigate between Google Flights, Hotels and Trips when on desktop. This was first introduced last year for smartphones.

Meanwhile, Google has added nearby neighbourhoods and the corresponding information to Maps. In the next few months, Trips – including reservations for things like hotels and restaurants – will be accessible in Google Maps too.

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