MakeMyTrip now a Contiki preferred sales agent

India's biggest OTA will now promote Contiki across sales channels

Contiki has partnered Indian OTA MakeMyTrip as the youth travel operator targets young Indian outbound travellers.

Now one of Contiki’s preferred sales agents (PSA), MakeMyTrip will feature Contiki’s best-selling trips, promoting them through its website as well as retail outlets and B2B channels.

India’s biggest OTA will now promote Contiki across sales channels

India is a growing market and key area of focus for Contiki, with trip bookings increasing threefold over the past five years. With MakeMyTrip, Contiki hopes to further expand its reach and inspire young travellers to embark on a trip of a lifetime to Europe and beyond.

“Our agent partners have shared that over 80 per cent of their millennial customers make enquiries about international travel, and most specifically Europe is trending. More importantly, the majority of our customers are searching for their trips via mobile and digital devices,” said Timothy Su, senior sales & marketing manager, Asia.

Commenting on the strong potentials in the Indian market, Vipul Prakash, COO, MakeMyTrip, said: “Combining a fast-expanding Internet user base with the world’s largest millennial population with more discretionary income armed with aspirational travel goals – India has hit a sweet spot when it comes to millennials and Gen Z travel business.”

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