Contiki rolls out Social Travel trips to bring travellers closer, faster

Contiki, a tour company aimed at 18- to 35-year-olds, has rolled out Social Travel trips to enable travellers to forge stronger bonds together over shared travel preferences.

According to Celest Quek, director of marketing & communications, The Travel Corporation, Social Travel by Contiki itineraries would appeal especially to new solo travellers, as “itineraries are designed to create group dynamics fast so travellers do not feel alone for very long”.

Social Travel by Contiki is expected to appeal especially to new solo travellers

“They are grouped with like-minded travellers who are also looking to make new friends and memories,” said Quek.

However, she stressed that Social Travel also welcomes “couples, and friends travelling together”, as the itineraries are “designed for those who prefer heightened enjoyment over dealing with the trivial stresses that can occur when traveling in a conventional way”.

To identify their travel styles, customers can approach an accredited travel agent for a full explanation of available itineraries or use Contiki’s online trip finder quiz to match them to their dream trip.

When asked how the young generation in Asia-Pacific has responded to Social Travel by Contiki, given that Asians are generally more reserved by nature, Quek stated that it has been “very positive”.

“The global pandemic has not just restricted young people’s ability to travel, but it has also closed them off to the kind of social connections that are essential for personal growth. There is a bottled-up desire for authentic human connections all over the world, even for reserved individuals,” Quek opined.

Quek remains confident in the future of travel, especially for the gen-Z and millennial segments.

She said: “More countries in the region are gradually opening up, with the likes of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam reviving the tourism sector either with a full reopening to fully-vaccinated travellers or via bilateral engagements with other countries.

“With this rosy travel outlook, we expect to see more Asia-Pacific travellers revelling in new experiences, and making friends and good memories along the way.”

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