Oyo gets into bed with Hotelbeds

Hotelbeds and Oyo Hotels & Homes have announced a strategic global distribution partnership, giving the Indian hotel giant its first deal with a bedbank.

The partnership provides Oyo with access to more than 60,000 travel buying intermediaries on the Hotelbeds platform, including tour operators, airline websites, points redemption programmes and loyalty plans from more than 140 source markets.

(From left) Oyo’s Abhinav Sinha, Hotelbeds’ Mark Redmond, and Oyo’s Maninder Gulati

Meanwhile, Hotelbeds’ clients will have access to Oyo’s portfolio of more than 18,000 franchised and leased hotels and over 10,000 homes and villas, across 10 countries – India, China, Malaysia, Nepal, the UK, the UAE, Indonesia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

The deal covers both wholesale and retail distribution via Hotelbeds and Bedsonline.

Mark Redmond, head of global chains at Hotelbeds, commented: “Oyo Hotels & Homes is one of the most talked about hotel brands currently and is massively shaking up the entire sector. While they currently have an impressive 515,000 rooms, they’re set to increase up to one million by the end of the year and we’re looking forward to helping them find incremental and higher-yielding bookings for many of those rooms”.

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