Oakwood accommodation management platform gets match score, more personalisation

Match Score brings up properties that best meet individual needs, Oakwood says

Oakwood is launching the next generation of its accommodations management solution, with updates and enhancements including a new Match Score and interface.

The enterprise-level competitive bid platform now offers users a proprietary Match Score to help find accommodations and provide better matches.

Match Score brings up properties that best meet individual needs, Oakwood says

Epic users now have a side-by-side view of properties, individually given a score based on criteria they choose and prioritise. Customers can more easily compare options based on amenities, property features and location. A dashboard displays market-specific pricing data, adjusted for global currency exchange rates.

The platform presents furnished and serviced apartments based on guests’ needs and how those align with properties’ characteristics, including location and price, regardless of who owns or operates them, according to Oakwood.

Moreover, the enhanced epic platform features a new user interface and personalised dashboard for relocation and travel managers, on-demand reporting, multi-currency, consolidated invoicing and 24/7 client and guest service with closed-loop issue resolution and tracking.

Shree Khare, vice president, information technology, Oakwood, commented: “These new, client-driven improvements deliver even more value with a comprehensive set of tools that can be tailored to the needs of the organization and its employees.”

Named Epic, the Oakwood software sources housing options from a database of more than 3,100 providers offering 21,000 housing options.

Once a guest books on the epic platform – regardless of whether they book into a property that is owned or managed by Oakwood or one that is part of the accommodations network – they will be given access to a fully automated experience to manage their stay via the Oakwood mobile app.

First launched in 2009, Spic processes nearly 400,000 transactions every year.

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