Sabre launches new dynamic pricing solutions for airlines

Sabre Corporation has launched two next-generation pricing solutions said to uncover new revenue opportunities by enabling airlines to address changing market conditions in real time.

Sabre AirVision Dynamic Availability and Sabre AirVision Fares Optimizer were launched at the Aviation Festival in London, with Etihad Airways and Aegean Airlines the first Sabre customers to implement the solutions.

Sabre AirVision Fares Optimizer allows airlines to strategically adjust fares based on real-time market data

“Pricing is one of the most complex issues in the aviation industry, and airlines are under immense pressure to adapt prices in line with constantly changing market conditions,” said Dave Shirk, Sabre president of travel solutions.

“Success requires pricing and revenue management technology that will not only push boundaries, but equip airlines for the next frontier. As part of our commitment to enable the digital airline of the future, our dynamic pricing solutions give airlines the intelligence needed to compete and grow revenue today and well into the future.”

Sabre AirVision Fares Optimizer allows airlines to strategically adjust fares based on real-time market data. It recommends pricing structures based on customer segmentation and competitor price checks, and generates fare recommendations by estimating each customer’s potential willingness to pay.

For more tactical adjustments, Sabre AirVision Dynamic Availability – a big data solution – enables airlines to quickly respond to ever evolving market dynamics.

Sabre says both industry-first solutions are the result of a long-term innovation partnership with Etihad Airways. “Building solutions using real-world data, scenarios and receiving continuous feedback from the airline are the key ingredients to a successful development,” said Bhaskara Rao Guntreddy, head of solutions and innovation at Etihad Airways.

The solutions are part of a broader strategy by Sabre, which announced earlier this year that it would build a new Digital Commercial Platform that delivers end-to-end personalised retailing for airlines.

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