NDC developments: Travix, Pkfare, Sabre and CTM

The travel distribution world is on the cusp of a total modernisation with IATA's introduction of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard. From implementations of the standard to efforts to maximise its potential, we track changes that are bringing the industry closer to an NDC-enabled future

Distributors evolving with new standard

OTA joins Amadeus’ NDC-X programme
Travix has joined Amadeus’ NDC-X programme to drive NDC progress for OTAs. As part of the partnership, Travix will provide input into the design of an NDC-based Amadeus Web Services solution that will help OTAs deliver more personalised and differentiated travel experiences. The solution will enable travel agencies to shop, order, and pay for flights and related services, and to add ancillaries and services to the booking, all using the NDC standard.

In the first phase, the two companies will define a solution which will give online travel sellers access to aggregated NDC and non-NDC content. In the second phase, Amadeus and Travix will jointly define the servicing requirements that an agency has once the booking has been made, such as any changes or cancellations, or adding ancillaries.

Pkfare partners Finnair to pilot NDC distribution
Travel B2B marketplace Pkfare has partnered Finnair to pilot NDC Distribution, a move that will allow customers to complete their Finnair booking without leaving the metasearch platform. Pkfare attained Level 3 NDC certification last November. This status recognises that Pkfare, as an aggregator, can manage NDC-driven offers and orders throughout the entire lifecycle, from booking to fulfilment.

Sabre expands NDC-enabled solutions
In 2018, Sabre plans to launch new service-enabled APIs and enhanced capabilities in the Sabre Red Workspace that will allow customers to shop and book NDC content alongside traditional content. The travel technology company is expecting to begin a pilot program with additional agency and airline customers in the third quarter this year.

In the fourth quarter Sabre will bring to market the industry’s first Digital Airline Commercial Platform, marking a major advancement in the capabilities airlines will have to seamlessly leverage data-driven insights.

Sabre achieved NDC Level 3 capability as an IT provider in February 2018 and has committed to Level 3 certification as an aggregator in 2018.

CTM receives highest NDC certification
Corporate Travel Management (CTM) has received Level 3 certification in the NDC programme, which it says resulted from working closely with its airline and technology partners around the world. CTM expects the certification – in addition to its own suite of technology, including the global Lightning online booking tool – to deliver richer content and more seamless customer experience.

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