Cryptocurrency for travel industry finds DMC taker

As a new cryptocurrency touted to potentially revolutionise the travel industry readies for launch, ICS Travel Group has hopped on as an early integration partner of its payment platform.

First implemented last year by OTA, TravelKoin is a decentralised payment gateway made specifically for airlines, hotels, car rental, cruise ships, rail, OTAs, booking engines and channel managers.

TravelKoin allows travel suppliers to transact with one another without bank charges

Through the new partnership, ICS Travel will be able to receive and make payments in tokenised currency – in near-realtime and without bank fees.

Apart from payment, TravelKoin will also have a rewards and loyalty application. Through the TravelKoin-powered membership platform, travel suppliers can compensate travellers for bookings, reviews and more in services or by converting to fiat currency.

TravelKoin was founded by CS Travel Group’s co-owner and CTO, Martin Struschka, and Bjorn Harvold of Traveliko.

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