Amadeus trials new bot on Line for Thai travel agents

Chatbot for flight search and booking being tested in Thailand

Amadeus is piloting an AI-powered bot that connects travel agents to users of popular chat app, Line.

Developed in partnership with India-based, the bot – named @flightbot – will be tested with Thai travel agencies and the travellers they serve before rolling out in other markets across the Asia-Pacific region.

Chatbot for flight search and booking being tested in Thailand

“With the new 24/7 bot on Line, travellers using @flightbot will gain direct access to Amadeus’ global content and technology via Amadeus-connected travel agencies with just the touch of a button, including a range of available flights and options to choose from,” said Simon Akeroyd, vice president, corporate strategy and business development, Amadeus Asia Pacific.

Line users can search for and befriend @flightbot, chat privately with the bot and receive assistance for any flight-related queries. Throughout the test period, the bot will address queries related to air travel bookings, departure city and destination, and flights with the best prices, in either English or Thai.

The goal is for @flightbot, which is in constant learning mode, to ultimately be able to provide round-the-clock conversational replies that can meet the personalised needs of travellers.

The AI-powered service will also provide travel agents with a secure and streamlined transaction process, where travellers can complete payment via the chat.

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