oBike cycles into Phuket after hitting two million milestone in SEA

oBike now in Phuket and Thammasat University

Singaporean bike-sharing company oBike has cycled into Phuket, after clocking two million users across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand since launching in January.

oBike’s latest launch in Phuket also marks its first global deployment of three-gear bikes.

oBike now in Phuket and Thammasat University

Speaking last week at the MoU ceremony, Edward Chen, co-founder and CMO of oBike, said: “We aim to leverage the power of technology and transform the way people commute…we are on track to realising our vision of revolutionising transport systems in 80 cities by end 2017, with our recent entry into Hong Kong and today’s launch in Phuket and Thammasat University.”

oBike is now operating in over 10 countries including Australia, Germany, Taiwan and the UK.

In Thailand, it rolled out 200 bikes into the second oldest institute of higher education, Thammasat University, in Bangkok, waiving deposit fee to Thai users till October 31.

Commented Phuket governor Norraphat Plodthong: “The launch of oBike supports our move towards transforming Phuket into a smart city as part of the Thailand 4.0 economic model development. With commuter data, we will be able to make better informed planning of our island’s transport infrastructure to improve mobility on our island.”

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