Cody Cao, project manager, smallWorld Experience

Cody Cao
Cody Cao

What are the biggest challenges for Macau’s tourism business? We do not have sufficient manpower to support Macau’s fast-paced tourism development. For example, we lack  coach drivers, conference managers, and even tour guides proficient in some languages.

Despite the increasing number of tourism industry employees, there is still a focus on casinos and hotels, which offer attractive perks like high salaries and good working conditions.

The Macau government has strict standards on the (employment) of specialised non-resident workers and skilled workers, including tourism professionals. So far, part of the labour supply is from overseas or mainland China, but this group lacks (job stability). Retention of experienced talents is also a challenge.

The lack of professionals impinges on competitiveness within the industry, creating a barrier to improving service standards.

If I had my way to change things, I would…  like to see a targeted policy to appeal to non-resident workers with professional tourism skills in the short term. A stable and fair policy for overseas labour (recruitment) would give them more confidence to work in Macau’s tourism industry.

Overseas labour with professional skills can bring new perspectives and speed up the transfer of new technology to Macau. It’s also vital to build a competitive (environment) to incentivise local employees.

For tourism employees, we should provide more support such as continuing education to learn new technology and skills. The establishment of a special scholarship foundation can help attract skilled professionals.

Additionally, (we can benefit from) increasing media coverage on Macau’s tourism and (generating interest) in hospitality and tourism careers among young employees.

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