Quality Australian tourism players to be recognised with TQUAL mark

AUSTRALIA has launched a national trademark known as the TQUAL mark, which gives its stamp of approval to reputable tourism operators.

Launching the trademark and the associated accreditation framework at Australian Tourism Exchange, Minister for Tourism, Martin Ferguson, said: “Quality tourism businesses can sign up to use the TQUAL mark on a voluntary basis as a means to show consumers they are committed to offering quality, reliability, professionalism, and good customer service.”

A National Accreditation and Framework (NTAF) will also oversee existing accreditation programmes.

Tourism Australia business development manager Joleen Booth said: “There are over 20 programmes within the industry which are involved in accrediting, rating and certifying tourism products, services and providers.

“NTAF is not accrediting individual companies but accreditation programmes. If a programme is accepted under NTAF, it will be offered a master licence and can in turn issue sub-licences to operators and permit them to utilise the TQUAL Mark.”

Australian trade members with whom TTG Asia e-Daily spoke with were reluctant to comment on the initiative until they have more details.

Wel-Travel Australia executive director Edwin Kwan said: “I really can’t tell whether it’s good or bad at the moment…The question is whether it is going to be another bureaucratic hurdle to cross, or if it is something that will work.”

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