Hong Kong twins up to attract longhaul

HONG KONG is stepping up multi-destination development to attract the longhaul market and has inked joint promotion pacts for the first time with Yunnan and Shanxi.

Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) chief Anthony Lau said: “Hong Kong, being a cosmopolitan city, complements well with the natural beauty and minority communities of these provinces and this will keep longhaul markets interested.” HKTB already does joint promotions with Guangdong.

Lau said longhaul arrivals grew 10 to 11 per cent last year, and shorthaul 17 to 18 per cent. “Yes, China remains the driver, with a 27 per cent increase, but we are seeing growth from all markets, with arrivals increasing 22.8 per cent last year to surpass 36 million,” he said.

“I expect this momentum to continue. If there is no volatility, we can do another 10 per cent growth this year.”

HKTB will also expand promotion in India to Bengaluru and Chennai, from only Mumbai and Delhi now. India arrivals rose 44 per cent last year to over 500,000.

It will also invest marketing dollars in Russia, the Netherlands, Vietnam and the Gulf markets. Lau said this was not a shift in dollars from existing markets, but a 10 per cent rise in funds and streamlining costs to achieve greater efficiency.

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