Natural advantage

The Mandai precinct is poised to undergo a massive makeover to become an ecotourism hub with five wildlife parks and eco-lodges. Ecotourism is set to...

Cost-light and local boutique hotels

PEEK INTO THE FUTURE: In this section, Raini Hamdi asks industry leaders to pen their thoughts on what the future will bring. Here is...

A Tokyo revival

Premium quality, new luxury attractions and emerging markets are bringing back the well-heeled to city A night view of the city from Conrad Tokyo LUXURY hotels...

Unchartered waters

A landmark integrated project that opened last September has altered the Maldivian tourism landscape, but Feizal Samath notes that the pandemic has put a freeze on potential growth

How to create inspiring design

Founder and CEO of Design Hotels, Claus Sendlinger, talks to Raini Hamdi about design that inspires and is timeless Claus Sendlinger Founder and CEO of Design...

When dynamism meets heritage

Its economic prowess aside, Shanghai is also a powerhouse in tourism, tapping its unique blend of western and oriental influences, old and new to...

Hard lessons from paradise

The six-month forced closure of Boracay was a clear lesson in sustainable tourism management for the Philippines. Now, six months since its reopening, Boracay’s comeback also brings up pointed questions about what was done right and issues that remain unresolved

Up-close and personalised

Indonesia’s growing midscale hotel segment is fusing lifestyle elements and customisation into their offerings to meet consumers’ demand for experiential travel.

Science and human touch

As revenue management capabilities are improved by science, the presence of intuitive human intervention becomes all the more critical for hotels to optimise revenue and profit.

Women hold up half the corporate sky

While female participation and leadership in the Chinese workplace is comparatively higher than its Western counterparts, Ctrip's CEO Jane Sun thinks more could still be done for women to totally smash the 'glass ceiling'.

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