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Asia/Singapore Thursday, 8th June 2023

A long engagement

Although Covid-19 has derailed wedding and honeymoon bookings in recent months, industry experts 
remain cautiously optimistic that couples will return this year.

A chance for change

In a morphing travel landscape, Singapore travel agencies say they need guidance and unity. Alas, strong leadership eludes them for now. But there’s a...

Glitz, glitter and family fun in Macau

The city wants to shed its gaming skin and position itself more as a leisure destination for families Macau is currently undergoing a rejuvenation drive,...

The rising tide in Asian cruising

New and bigger ports are in the works in East Asia, while the rising middle class in South-east Asia is driving the region’s booming...

The fight for hotel bookings

The financial stakes are high, so it's no wonder that hotels now want to wrestle back control of travellers' bookings from intermediaries, especially as...

Will direct cruise bookings replace agents?

The answer is no, at least not in the foreseeable future. Here’s why cruise is still seen as the domain of travel agents and one of the last bastions of commission income for them

Making smart moves

Hong Kong’s smaller hotels and boutique properties are catching up on digital transformation, rolling out automated solutions in areas from operations to smart rooms to enhance the guest experience.

Facing the rate challenge

The Chinese are returning to Hong Kong, but this is not relieving agents of challenges they face with dynamic room rates, finds Prudence Lui.

Asia’s lifelong voyagers

As populations grey in Asia, senior tourists are making up a growing proportion of leisure travellers to become a business goldmine for travel agencies....

In for a wild ride

In an era of ubiquitous entertainment at our finger tips, how are theme parks around Asia 
attracting millennials and post-millenials? TTG Asia reporters find out

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