More than a Colossus: a tribute to PATA legend Joop Ave

Joop Ave -- Credit: Tonny Syiariel "MEMORY," said Cicero, "is the treasury and guardian of all things." Friends and colleagues who treasure the memory of Joop...

Riding out the turbulence

After seeing tourism fallout from a state of emergency, the Maldives is intent on getting out the message that it is the same paradise the world knew and loved, Feizal Samath reports

In 2015, I resolve to…

With New Year just around the corner, travel agency bosses reflect on the changes they want to make in their businesses and personal lives SINGAPORE Anthony...

Welcoming a new breed

Hotels watch out. Asia’s serviced residence operators are seeing a surge in short-stay bookings, with one even launching a hotel-residence brand. By Linda Haden,...

Making rail connections

Enhanced rail and road networks connecting to other parts of China have given rise to new tourist circuits around Guilin and raised the appeal...

Sea of opportunity in selling cruises

With cruise ships, itineraries and on-board experiences becoming more diverse than ever, cruise industry leaders say travel advisors in Asia can do more to tap the lucrative opportunities that a burgeoning cruise market brings

A renewed vigour

Millennials are good news for resorts trying to fill rooms, but they also book more last minute and stay for briefer periods

Meet for good

Christmas comes early for a number of children in Malaysia whenever 800 members of the Malaysian English Language Teachers’ Association (MELTA) convene for their...

Asian port encounters

While there are no lack of appealing Asian destinations, port infrastructure is stopping cruise lines from featuring a wider range of itineraries.  From top left:...

Shout out to Alberta

It’s Canada’s 150th anniversary and, with free admission to national parks and historic sites, Alberta is the place to be, especially for Asian millennials, says Raini Hamd

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