Smartphone opportunity untapped

Apps are perceived to be important, but their implementation is not widespread With deepening smartphone penetration and the Millennial generation joining the workforce in greater...

Reminders in boom times

The surge in visitor arrivals into the country is coming as an urgent call to preserve the very things that endear Vietnam to both its residents and guests.

Gearing up for active holidays

Asians are becoming daredevils, with more seeking out adrenaline-pumping activities in New Zealand Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) and travel suppliers are noting that Asian travellers...

When crisis hits

Heightened concern about safety has compelled inbound companies within Malaysia to implement more stringent guidelines to ensure travellers are in good hands Recent incidences revolving...

Virtual high: the most impressive tech tricks this year

Technology has had another impressive run this year. Industry experts pick the top apps, gadgets and websites that were eyeball grabbing Patrick Andres Vice president &...

Live bold and bloom

These power women in the trade reveal their innermost secret travel fears and how they have conquered them. Tan Shin Hui, executive director, Park Hotel...

Make China great again

Why are inbound tourism numbers into China, a country steeped in culture and heritage, lagging behind its booming outbound sector?

Undergoing metamorphosis

Whether it's discovering new revenue streams or warding off existing threats, travel companies across Asia are evolving. Take a leaf from success stories told...

It’s all about the experience in travel

Mary English, executive vice president for Asia-Pacific at Collinson Group, looks at how travel brands, from airlines to hotels, want to expand beyond their traditional domains and transform into experience platforms in the near future

Female power

How Seoul is enticing female travellers with the promise of safety and Korean dramas Seoul has long had a reputation for meeting the needs and...

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