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Visiting Monaco: Through three countries, one compelling itinerary

In the post-lockdown era where travellers are prioritising ease of travel with minimal stops, the world’s second smallest country presents a desirable central point from which Asian travellers can access France and Italy in a single trip

Russian invasion triggers a spike in flight cancellations

ForwardKeys data reveals that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted an instant spike in flight cancellations to and from Russia, with every booking made...

Ukraine crisis tests resilience of Russian outbound travel market

Russia's shocking invasion of Ukraine puts to test the resilience of its outbound travellers who are prized for their long average length of stay and determination to travel come what may.

Tourism players skip Russia, initiate support for Ukraine colleagues

As Russia's military attack on neighbour Ukraine unfolds over the weekend, tourism players around the world are reworking their operations to avoid Russia, either...

Lufthansa Group ramps up APAC operations, banks on organisational transformation in...

Despite Asia-Pacific’s cautious approach to travel and tourism resumption relative to Europe and the US, Lufthansa Group continues to regard the region as an...

Spain Tourism Board rebuilds SE Asian demand with fresh angles

Known for her big-city draws and star-studded football clubs among South-east Asian travellers, Spain is working to spread post-pandemic tourism attention to lesser-known parts...

Spain, South Korea revive disrupted tourism pact

Spain and South Korea signed a new memorandum of understanding (MoU) at a preparatory conference in Barcelona last week, paving the way for the...

Asians’ longhaul holiday dreams dashed by numerous obstacles

Europe’s move to reopen borders this month to vaccinated travellers from non-European Union (EU) countries has done little to spur longhaul travel bookings out of Asia, observed travel specialists in this region.

France, Spain welcome vaccinated travellers

Travellers are once again welcomed in France and Spain, as both countries reopen their borders this week for travel and tourism. Spain lifted border restrictions...

Travel Spark by TTG heads to Switzerland

A four-part video series that sheds light on Switzerland's best leisure and business events offerings will debut on February 19, with a fresh episode...

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