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Los Angeles readies for returning South-east Asian visitors

Having maintained a full-time destination promotions office facing South-east Asian markets throughout the pandemic, Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board is confident that Singapore’s...

Returning quarantine a major barrier to outbound travel recovery: agents

Two travel agents have painted starkly different pictures on the state of outbound travel in their market, with mandatory quarantines for returning travellers being...

Asians’ longhaul holiday dreams dashed by numerous obstacles

Europe’s move to reopen borders this month to vaccinated travellers from non-European Union (EU) countries has done little to spur longhaul travel bookings out of Asia, observed travel specialists in this region.

Hate matters: Anti-Asian Hate is influencing travel intentions

Unlike the AAPI community who has to face the problem at home, the Asian travelling community has a choice of where they want to holiday. And they will very likely pick somewhere safe and welcoming.

Solo travel advance bookings trickling in for The Travel Corporation

The Travel Corporation (TTC) has recorded an emergence of solo travel bookings out of Singapore, Malaysia and the US for 2021, many being retirees...

Asian outbound travel stumbles over flu challenge

Health and safety concerns rising along with the number of Novel Coronavirus cases in China and beyond are stifling travel confidence in Asian markets,...

Giant Buddha statue to rise in Spain and beckon Asian travellers

The Spanish city of Cáceres‎ and Nepal's Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, will be supporting the building of a huge Buddhist statue and...

Japan goes all out to attract Asians, especially repeat travellers

Asian markets are taking a significant lead in Japan’s inbound arrival numbers, with countries including China and South Korea making up 85 per cent...

All-inclusive resorts gain steam among APAC travellers

All-inclusive resorts, which typically include accommodation, meals and entertainment, have long been a popular vacation mode among European travellers, but now the concept is...

APAC key driver for Christmas booking surge to Europe

Helsinki is the top European destination for longhaul visitors this Christmas, with 29.6% growth in flight bookings over the period December 15, 2019 to...

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