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Asia’s branded hotel residences market booms

Hotel branded residences in Asia is flourishing, having seen a strong upward trajectory over the past two years, with the region now accounting for...

In tough times, Asia hotels find new roles

Once filled with merry folks on vacation or business people meeting and closing deals, several hotels in Asia are now readying for a new...

SE Asia hotels note varying business impact as concerned travellers retreat

Hotels in major tourism destinations across South-east Asia are reporting different levels of impact on business as the flu crisis persists, with most bracing for dismal room occupancy in the first quarter.

Tourism in 2020: what lies ahead?

In the current climate of global economic slowdown, geopolitical risks and trade tensions, what does the year ahead have in store? We ask travel industry chiefs to give their take on how South-east Asia’s tourism sector is shaping up in 2020.

Going the experiential mile

These days, hotels are no longer about offering a bed and breakfast. From safari excursions to purpose-built communal spaces, travellers are increasingly seeking out authentic and culturally immersive experiences, and hotels are answering the call.

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