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Asia/Singapore Monday, 2nd October 2023

Room for growth

When a nationwide lockdown in Malaysia left hotel rooms across the country sitting largely vacant, Hanley Chew saw a window of opportunity to help...

Navigation app finds its way in travel industry

When Yakov Slushtz lost his way during a hike with his wife, he also discovered the idea for WishTrip, a navigation app powered by...

Meaningful pathways

As Walk Japan’s Paul Christie brings his dreams of living in the countryside to life, he finds himself revitalising rural parts of Japan along the way

Making a difference through sports

While career advisors typically urge a clear distinction between work and personal life, C Raaj Ganesh, CEO of, has found advantage in bringing both...

Driving female empowerment, one motorbike tour at a time

Alison Grün’s Harley-Davidson purrs into action. She scoots around the buzzy streets of downtown Kuala Lumpur, zipping past colonial-style buildings, vibrant wall murals and the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. Riding pillion on her Sportster 883cc is a young female on a half-day tour to discover the capital city’s hidden gems.

Sharing the wonder of travel with underprivileged kids

Sustainable tourism practitioner Ameer Virani is offering tourists the chance to spread the joys of travel to underprivileged children in the South-east Asian countries...

Tours that bind

Amornched Jinda-apiraksa, CEO and co-founder of TakeMeTour, proves that a tour outfit based on the sharing economy can become a thriving business in an age of immersive travel.

Budding agency shoots for the stars

Stumbling upon a specialisation was just the start of this young Maldivian tour operator. Building its reputation as a production coordinator for commercial shoots came next.

As room demand weakens, new hotel revenue sources awaken

For almost two decades since 2002, Singapore-based Global Hospitality Solutions (GHS) has established a profitable business in helping hotel partners be present in the...

Hong Kong vintage tram gets on creative track

A vintage tram takes a new life as a roving arts and social venue, thanks to a collaboration of local expertise. 

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