Vietjet Air, Group join forces to improve global travellers’ experience

Vietjet Air and Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to leverage the expertise and resources of both parties to make travel easier and more convenient for travellers around the world.

This will be achieved through various initiatives, such as offering Group’s products – including hotels, airport transfers, attractions and activities – to Vietjet customers. The group will also provide Vietjet with innovative technologies, such as the Virtual Interline solution to widen Vietjet’s global network footprint, and also share valuable insights to empower Vietjet to make informed decisions to optimise customer experience.

From left: Group’s Yudong Tan and Vietjet’s Dinh Viet Phuong

Furthermore, the data integration initiative will enable customers to enjoy numerous benefits from both parties’ loyalty programmes. Members of Vietjet SkyJoy and Rewards can accumulate reward points to exchange for gifts, flight tickets, and other incentives from abundant third-party products and services.

Yudong Tan, CEO, flights, Group, said: “We have worked with Vietjet before on successful campaigns to promote Vietnam as a destination of choice for travellers, and believe our mutual commitment to prioritising customer satisfaction is a testament to both companies’ customer centricity.”

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