Experience Cambodia’s hidden gems with The Aviary

With a deep history written in the walls and trees of some of the world’s oldest temples, Siem Reap contains many must-sees for history buffs, lovers of nature, or those seeking a restful destination.

As such, The Aviary has come up with a comprehensive list of five hidden gems for guests to visit during their stay at the resort.

The Aviary offers guests a list of hidden gems to explore in Siem Reap, such as the “Trilogies of Mountains” in the Angkor area, pictured

The five places comprise Preah Khan Temple, one of the most significant temples erected in the time of the ancient Khmer Empire; Phnom Bok Temple, one of the “Trilogies of Mountains” in the Angkor area; Kbal Spean River carvings on the riverbed; Wat Preah Ang Thom, an eight-metre tall statue of a reclining Buddha reaching nirvana; and Phnom Kulen mountain, located about two hours away from Siem Reap, where visitors can bathe in and enjoy the majestic waterfall surrounded by temples and natural landscapes.

For more information, visit The Aviary.

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