Travel Trade Marketplace introduces new one-stop platform for the tourism industry

Singapore online travel company, Travel Trade Marketplace, has launched Equator, a one-stop trading platform and marketing channel for the tourism sector.

All companies can buy and sell on one platform which integrates the B2B and D2C business models. Sellers have full control over segment pricing and customer engagement based on a low transaction fee.

The Equator platform integrates the B2B and D2C business models

Its initial release lets accommodation operators promote rooms and F&B to pre-qualified customers from different industries and business segments. Other products are scheduled for subsequent releases.

Equator’s e-commerce model provides full transparency between buyers and sellers, content from original source, and undisrupted pricing. The co-marketing solution further lowers marketing costs.

Its Market Segmented Pricing (MSP) System gives sellers full control over customer viewership and pricing by markets, industries, and business segments; while the B2B creators’ module lets sellers enhance product offerings by adding complementary products from other operators. The best practices of online and offline sales are combined to generate more quality business, stronger coverage and wider reach at lower cost of sales.

“Within the vast online landscape, Equator’s different ways of driving online travel sales, serves as the gateway to boundless new possibilities,” said Nicolas Ishkanian, senior vice president – global distribution, Absolute Hotel Services (operator of Eastin Hotels, U Hotels & Resorts, and Travelodge Hotels).

Equator’s major shareholder, Chan Brothers International’s Anthony Chan, also group managing director of Chan Brothers Travel, commented on Equator’s distribution system: “It provides ready to market products at unmarked B2B prices from operators. We can ensure best pricing for our customers and expand our relationship with travel operators.”

In addition, Equator’s founder and CEO Fred Seow highlighted that the company will be launching its first industry-wide initiative – the Tourism ID staff programme.

“All personnel in tourism, especially the many behind the scenes, can enjoy industry rates for personal travel. At zero mark-up and zero commission, deals that are direct from operators are genuine, alike an industry privilege. As we usually travel off peak when less busy, it’s a win-win for all parties,” shared Seow.

“From positive response, we will bring forward our co-marketing module for hotels to achieve continuous engagement with customers. We believe Equator is a sustainable alternative for travel operators to drive more direct business, deliver stronger benefits to partners and offer stronger values to travellers.”

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