mPay introduces global travel smart e-wallet for Macau residents

Macau Pass S.A. (Macau Pass), together with Alipay+, will expand the coverage of the cross-border payment business of mPay to more than 40 countries overseas later this year.

These include the UAE, the UK, Switzerland, European Economic Area countries (such as France, Germany and Italy), Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and the US.

Macau resident users can now easily make payments at more than 40 countries overseas; tourist in Prague, Czech Republic, pictured

Macau resident users can simply switch to the Alipay+ overseas payment code on mPay to access the cross-border payment function when they see the Alipay+ logo at the merchants in these countries.

Sun Ho, chairman and CEO of Macau Pass, said that the change in consumer culture and modern technology goes hand in hand in the new era, and demand for electronic payments, especially cross-border mobile payments, is also booming rapidly. mPay and Alipay+ strive to create a smart e-wallet that facilitates Macau residents to travel globally,which helps solve the issues they encounter with payment while travelling overseas.

mPay will continue to expand electronic payment, lifestyle services and marketing technology services to develop more open and diversified intelligent payment business scenarios.

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