Arival introduces guide to help experience companies grow online bookings

Ahead of the Arival Activate event in Bangkok from June 12 to 14, Arival has launched the How To Choose A Booking System report to help tour operators choose the right booking system for them.

This report is made in response to a recent study by Arival, which found that nearly half of surveyed tour operators are not using a booking system to secure customers, of which 57 per cent are small companies versus seven per cent that are large companies.

Arival’s How To Choose A Booking System report guides tour operators towards the right online booking system for their business

However, 71 per cent of small agencies show interest in growing their online bookings.

Douglas Quinby, CEO of Arival, remarked: “Every tour, activity and attraction operator, no matter how small or large, should be using an online booking system. The right technology saves companies time and money by helping them automate all of the routine tasks of running a tour or experiences business, so they can focus on what makes their operation special.

He explained that “small agencies and tour operators are at a particular disadvantage by not using booking systems” as they are unable to “capture reservations online or manage their capacity in real time as effectively as larger players”.

“This guide provides them with an actionable roadmap and advice on how they can make informed decisions about which system is right for them,” he said.

The report includes topics such as why every operator needs a booking system and the factors to consider when evaluating different systems. It also provides details on how to get started with the evaluation process and outlines key questions businesses should ask themselves before selecting a solution.

More details on How To Choose A Booking System will be discussed at the Arival Activate event – the report is also now available to subscribers on the Arival website.

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