Malaysia’s hospitality big data provider sets sights on South-east Asia

Malaysia-based hotel data and AI platform, ADATA, has plans to expand its offerings to countries in South-east Asia by 4Q2024, with approval from the ASEAN Hotel and Restaurant Association.

The Association finalised a Memorandum of Understanding with ADATA late last year to expand the services ADATA was providing to Malaysian hotels by collecting hotel performance data and making it freely available to the hospitality industry. Data on average room rate, average occupancy rate and hotel inventory could be searched by proximity, competitor set, city, state and country.

Goh: ADATA serves as a primary source of hotel industry performance data

ADATA set up a representative office in Bangkok two months ago and it plans to launch full access of data to Thai hotels sometime in 3Q2023. It also plans to launch a representative office in Brunei Darussalam by this year-end and the rest of ASEAN member countries by 4Q2024.

The platform works on data sharing within the hospitality industry in order to promote growth and healthy competition instead of collecting and selling data. This ensures that all hotels, regardless of size and brands, gain free access to much needed data for operational and strategic planning.

Those outside of the hotel industry, such as media outlets, banks, research and valuation houses, will have to pay for information access.

ADATA director, CS Goh, shared: “In addition to providing valuable data insights to hotels, ADATA also serve as a primary source of hotel industry performance data to policy makers, media and the travel industry stakeholders. The consolidation of data from independent, local and international chains of hotels and the availability of timely, accurate and granular insights, like segmented analytics, promotes a healthy environment for travel related investments.”

Goh said his closest competitor was STR Global, but claims that ADATA is miles ahead in terms of hotel coverage, with more than 400 hotels in Malaysia including independent, local and international chains. ADATA’s investment in artificial intelligence capabilities for performance trend prediction further strengthens its market leadership.

The company is currently funded privately. Riding on the high growth of the region’s travel industry, ADATA has reached financial breakeven point and is well positioned to achieve significant profitability as it expands its footprint over the region.

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