Tripseed joins the Global Collective for Travel

Thailand’s Tripseed has become the newest member of the Global Collective for Travel, which is a collaborative initiative between locally-owned and operated DMCs around the world that aims to drive deep, transformational change within the travel industry.

With the addition of Tripseed, the Global Collective for Travel is now present in 10 destinations around the world, including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey, Cyprus, India and the Himalayas, Morocco, Costa Rica, Spain and Portugal.

Wongmahawan: we all share very similar philosophies and values for our businesses

The goal of the initiative is to promote a more ethical model for tourism and provide access for industry partners around the world to a less extractive and more sustainable supply chain that ensures more revenue reaches the destinations that travellers are visiting.

Its members work directly with the travel trade in their respective destinations, delivering innovative and unique tours and experiences to keep market offerings fresh and exhilarating, forging authentic local connections inside of their destinations, while promoting equality and empowerment for local employees, casual workers such as tour guides and drivers, and other local suppliers.

“Since our earliest discussions, it became clear that we all share very similar philosophies and values for our businesses, and we all align strongly on the high levels of service excellence that we believe our partners and their travellers should receive at all times,” said Narissara Wongmahawan, co-founder of Tripseed.

Tuan Pham, one of the founding members of the collective, shared: “Meeting with the Tripseed founders, learning about their work and what they aspire to become is a great affirmation for the Collective. It tells us there are many people like us who want similar things – responsible travel, equity for the local community, amazing holidays, genuine connection with the places you’re visiting.

“Most importantly, the things they do everyday matters and those whose lives they impact, matter.”

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