Tripseed makes Thailand travel accessible and inclusive for all

Tripseed is revolutionising how people can explore Thailand by launching a range of accessible travel programmes and experiences, including specially-designed and exclusive tours tailored for the elderly and travellers with disabilities.

“We are committed to growing travel in a direction that is open and welcoming for everyone,” said Tripseed founder Ewan Cluckie. “Tripseed has always been about breaking down barriers and creating new opportunities.”

Tripseed aims to make travel inclusive for all with a range of accessible travel programmes and experiences tailored for the elderly and travellers with disabilities

Tripseed’s offerings for accessible travel in Thailand goes beyond the accommodation being wheelchair-friendly – they also evaluate everything from ramp inclinations, availability of grab bars, manoeuvrability clearance and many other important aspects. Agents and partners are advised on the most suitable travel options based on the level of assistance required.

“It’s important for us to give Tripseed’s partners a first-mover advantage to repay the trust and support they have given to us so far, and so we’ll be making all of our accessibility information, training and consultation available to them privately during our initial launch period, before making more details publicly available at a later date” added Cluckie.

Tripseed is also offering specialised guides that are trained in American Sign Language (ASL), British Sign Language (BSL) and Thai Sign Language (TSL & MSTSL), as well as guides trained to assist with other audio-visual impairments.

In addition, the company has announced a brand-new selection of experiences designed to deliver uncompromising accessible variations of top-selling tours, such as a daytime city tour of Bangkok, or an evening street food experience in a fully-electric Tuk-Tuk that has been specially outfitted with a built-in wheelchair ramp and wheelchair restraint system, a first in the industry. Tripseed has also ensured that the tour routes are accessible so that travellers are not met with difficult sidewalks to navigate at each stop.

Other experiences include a snorkelling or diving experience alongside a Dive Master fully certified by Disabled Divers International, and a private tour of the botanical gardens in an accessible vehicle. More experiences will be made available exclusively through Tripseed and their international travel trade partners.

Tripseed has also prioritised additional development on their website, making the company the first and only Thailand-ground operator that meets ADA compliance standards.

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