Singapore cuts mask-wearing requirements from Aug 29

The Singapore government will make mask-wearing optional from August 29, taking a further step towards the country’s return to post-lockdown normalcy.

Currently, mask-wearing is not required in outdoor environment.

Mask-wearing will be optional from August 29 in Singapore

With the masking policy update, mask-wearing will not be required at airports and will remain optional on private transport modes such as taxi and private-hire buses.

However, masks will be required on public transportation as well as indoor public transport facilities such as train stations. It will also be required in environments frequented by vulnerable and older people, such as healthcare facilities.

On flights, mask-wearing requirements will depend on the rules or laws in the destination country as well as the carrier, said the Ministry of Health’s director of medical services, Kenneth Mak.

At events such as concerts and events, deputy prime minister Lawrence Wong said mask-wearing would be optional and subject to the decision of event organisers and venue operators. He noted that such events are unlikely to have many vulnerable and older people in attendance.

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