Indonesia simplifies visa tariff and procedures

From May 16, Indonesia’s single-entry visa will be priced at 1.5 million rupiah (US$104), including a service fee of 200,000 rupiah. It was previously US$50 plus a service fee, but payable in rupiah according to the current exchange rate.

The single-entry visa tariff is valid for 60 days, and can be extended for another 60 days at a cost of two million rupiah, according to Achmad Nur Saleh, spokesperson of the Directorate General of Immigration.

Indonesia simplifies visa tariff and procedures

Achmad added that applicants can pay for visas using an electronic billing code, through ATM or internet banking, and will no longer need to manually transfer through a bank teller the way it was before.

Tariff for Visa on Arrival remains at 500,000 rupiah.

Hellen Sarita de Lima, coordinator of Welcome Yacht Community, welcomed the simplified policy and was optimistic that this would increase the number of international yachters arriving in Indonesia.

She explained that for sailors and yachters, the new policy of 60 days, plus the simpler process, will allow them to cruise and linger longer in the destination.

Paul Talo, director of Floressa Tours, is confident that the new regulation will attract more special interest and adventure tourists as the easy visa extension means they can vacation longer without having to exit the country.

Talo urged the government to ensure the new regulation is conveyed clearly to the travel trade, which deals with international partners and clients, so as to avoid any confusion.

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