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What we know about possible plans to close Komodo

The Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) is forming an integrated team to study the possible closure of the Komodo Island. The decision was...

Dispelling rumours, Indonesia government says no plans to close Komodo park

Komodo National Park will remain open throughout the year, according to a statement from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry issued earlier this week,...

New Wonderful Indonesia in Singapore gets bigger promotion budget

The Visit Indonesia Tourism Office (VITO) – the promotion arm of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism – in Singapore has been upgraded to a...

Local trade faces uncertainty amid rumours of Komodo National Park closure

Komodo National Park, currently under assessment due to ecological concerns, may soon be closed, a move that could potentially affect a large part of...

Lombok tourism pushed to adapt with pent-up demand awaiting release

There is a clear pent-up demand for Lombok after tourism took a hit last year and buyers are waiting longer to actualise bookings, but...

Vietnam an outbound market to watch

Bolstered by growing intra-region connectivity and a strong economy, Vietnam is emerging as a source market, with regional NTOs and tour operators training their sights and developing strategies to woo more Vietnamese travellers to their shores.

New year, new outlook

As travellers seek authentic experiences more than ever, what key trends are Asia’s leading inbound agents keeping an eye on for 2019, what are the opportunity areas, and what challenges lie ahead?

Focus on tourist spend as Indonesia struggles with arrivals targets

Reporting by Mimi Hudoyo and Tiara Maharani After a series of natural disasters last year put a spanner in the works of Indonesia achieving its...

Events wanted in post-tsunami Sunda Strait: Indonesia’s tourism minister

To speed up recovery of the tourism industry in the Sunda Strait area hit by a deadly tsunami last month, Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism...

Sababay Winery, Bali

On Bali's northern coast, Mimi Hudoyo discovers a locally-owned winery that sources grapes from local farmers and turns them into award-winning juices, planting Indonesia on the world wine map along the way.

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