Thankyou, hotel chains join fight to end global poverty

Australian FMCG personal care brand and social enterprise, Thankyou, has roped in three global hotel chains in its mission to end global poverty by having the properties stock their products as guest amenities and direct sales proceeds to fund impactful causes.

Rydges Hotels & Resorts and Ramada by Wyndham will stock Thankyou amenities across their Australia and New Zealand properties, respectively, while all hotels worldwide under the Canopy by Hilton brand will carry Thankyou amenities by the end of the year.

Thankyou hotel amenities will carry messages of the social enterprise’s cause to guests, and encourage them to find out more

The hotel range is launched in partnership with Hunter Amenities, a prominent global supplier of hotel amenities for world-leading brands. It comprises some of Thankyou’s best-selling personal care products and a new liquid hair-care series. Products are 100 per cent vegan friendly, not tested on animals, and utilise rPET bottles and FSC certified packaging.

Like the rest of Thankyou’s personal care range, these hotel stocks contribute funding to change-making organisations that are serving the world’s poorest. Parent organisation, Thankyou Charitable Trust, currently has 18 active global impact partners that operate on a variety of grants focusing on economic development, food security, health, and systems change.

According to a Thankyou spokesperson, the move to involve hotels in its mission is new. Thankyou products are currently stocked in major retailers across Australia and New Zealand, as well as several online and independent retailers.

“Thankyou exists to turn consumerism into a vehicle that can spread the positive impact of products to as many people as possible, all over the world. The launch into the hotel and accommodation industry allows Thankyou to reach more consumers, and the expansion of the unique Thankyou business model into the amenities sector empowers hotel and accommodation services to make more conscious and sustainable choices in their everyday business practices,” explained the spokesperson.

She shared that there has been encouraging interest from other hotel and accommodation service providers, “which is an exciting opportunity for more organisations in the industry to stock Thankyou amenities and join in the fight against global poverty”.

When hotels stock Thankyou amenities, they play a part in educating the public on Thankyou’s mission. Messaging about Thankyou’s purpose is captured on the product, and guests are encouraged to visit the impact section of Thankyou website to find out more.

While Thankyou products are not manufactured by impoverished communities, the social enterprise’s work goes into backing solutions executed by impact partners that address root causes of poverty traps.

“For example, our economic development programmes and partners work with communities to increase the yields/income of their livestock and agricultural produce, which does not easily translate into ingredients found in a personal care product,” the spokesperson explained.

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